About A Life You Want

If you found this site, you're probably looking to make some changes in your life. Maybe you're not happy with one area. Maybe you feel like throwing in the towel and starting over. Either way, this site is designed to help you take charge of your life. Rather than get depressed and wallow with the current state of your life, do something about it!

A Life You Want is all about evaluating your life, determining what you want to change, and then taking steps to get your life where you want it. We're not saying your life is horrible. We're not even saying it's bad. But somewhere along the way, you got unhappy. Something just doesn't feel right. You know life could be better. And we're here to help you make it better.

To make things simpler, we've broken everything down into six categories: Health, Making a Difference, Career, Money, Relationships, and Life. We refer to these categories periodically to make it easier for you to find the guidance you're looking for. It's OK if you want to change just one category; it's OK if you want to change them all! Just take it all one step at a time, and do your best not to get overwhelmed.

In the pages linked to above, you'll find information, tools, and resources to help you in your journey. The "Tools" and "Resources" pages will offer specific guidance for each category. The blog will have general motivational posts, as well as posts that reflect and offer guidance in each category. Click on each category's posts to focus your reading, or start at the beginning and tackle it all. The choice is completely yours.

The whole process will seem overwhelming. You may get discouraged. But remember: this is your life. You can change however much or however little you want. We won't apply pressure. We only offer guidance and suggestions. It's up to you to create the life you want. Are you ready to get started?